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During her trajectory as a jewelry designer, Clementina lived in Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Washington, and Brasília; currently, she lives in the Jardins neighborhood of São Paulo, where she has her jewelry studio. In addition to awards, she has received commendations for her work disseminating the jewelry design, in Brazil and abroad, for more than 40 years.

She has designed more than 8 thousand pieces and her concern, when creating jewels, has always been the innovation of forms. Since 1974, Clementina has been launching a jewelry collection per year, being the most known: Positivo-Negativo, Espaço, Amazonia, Cosmos, Anima, Paris, Nerfetiti, Amour, and Passion, among others.

Clementina has been designing jewels and objects to be offered by the Brazilian Government as official gifts for more than 30 years. Among them, objects for the Emperor of Japan and the King of Spain, jewels for the Queens Elizabeth II of England and Silvia of Sweden, for the President of Finland, and for the first-ladies of the United States, France, Russia, Portugal, Ukraine, and many other countries, stand out.